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Though I originally wanted use my BA in Film to make Hollywood movies, I opted for a career in TV photojournalism, shooting video for local newscasts.  A longtime member of the National Press Photographer’s Association, I won many honors from the AP, UPI, NPPA, the Gannett Company, and even the Emmys.  Along the way, and quite by accident, I started a body of work in photography, producing gallery-quality prints with my Nikon and collection of lenses. 

In 1995, I “retired” from shooting news, and now focus on making a visual history of my wanderings, near and far.  Whether in the streets of Paris, along the beaches of California, or in the hills of my home in Central Texas, respect for the subject, and classic artistic vision are my guiding themes.  Uniquely seeing an architectural icon, stumbling upon a perfect landscape in the perfect light, or discovering a visual symbol of our times, my visual interpretations are classic, modern, unique and sublime.